Friday, May 3, 2013

Kabooki Sushi

This new sushi place just opened within the last month and is located on the corner of East Colonial and McGuire. The quality of the fish is superb and fresh. The atmosphere is great and the plus is that it's less than a mile from my house.

This is the first time I've been here and I finally have found a place in Orlando with quality fish. I have not tried all of the sushi places in Orlando but I think the quality of the fish here beats Seito, Amura, Dragonfly, and Wazzabi. They have nightly hot and cold specials. Tonight I had both specials - the three piece yellow tail special and the pork belly special. Both were delicious. I would not order the pork belly again only because it tastes like a dish I can make at home. The Hawaii roll had a great combination of citrus flavors with Hawaiian pink salt. I am definitely coming back to try the other creative fushion dishes! They also have great happy hour specials Sundays through Thursdays that I will have to try.


  1. This place is AMAZINGLY GREAT. I was completely happy with my experience here. Great food, great people/staff and AWESOME home made ice-cream.
    For a small shop in a corner, it redefined my sushi restaurant experiance.


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