Friday, May 17, 2013

Shin Jung Korean

Shin Jung Korean Restaurant is one of my favorite Korean restaurants in town. The restaurant recently remodeled and the service has improved. Due to the size of the restaurant and table top BBQ cooking, you will smell like Korean food when you leave the restaurant so I would not suggest going here before a night out.

I took my cousin and her family yesterday because she wanted Korean food. She's from Houston where the Asian food is amazing and she liked the food. Our party of four ordered the small Seafood Pancake (perfect size for four people), Kimchi Stew, and Seafood Udong to share family style. For the grill, we ordered Bul Go Gi and Pork, which comes with about 6-7 side dishes including cabbage kim chi and radish kimchi. The cost for four with drinks was about $80.00.

When I usually go to this restaurant with just another person, I just order the meats already cooked and skip the BBQ. The meats taste just as good and if not better. My other favorites to order are Pan-Fried Dumplings and Seafood Soon Tofu Stew.


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